Julie Gagnon-Erickson

Julie Gagnon-Erickson

Founder & Owner of Endurance Pilates and Yoga LLC


Meet the Renowned Classical Pilates Instructor

that has transformed the fitness world with a unique teaching style that strengthens the mind, body, and soul.

Julie Gagnon-Erickson is the Founder and Owner of Endurance Pilates and Yoga, Boston’s premiere fitness studio. She brings over 20 years of experience as a fitness instructor to her practice, along with team of qualified personal trainers.


Julie and her team at Endurance help students of various abilities. From athletes looking to improve their athletic performance to several injured individuals from the Boston Marathon. No matter your background, Endurance is here to help.


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Dive into Julie’s fitness journey with her latest interview with IdeaMensch. Discover the inspiration behind Endurance Pilates and Yoga and her future business plans.

Julie Gagnon-Erickson

Is Pilates just a fad? Lol- no way. Pilates is a decades-old regimen of movement! Pilates has been around for many years and…

Julie Gagnon-Erickson

In today’s world where busy professionals have a minimal amount of time, it comes as no surprise that shorter workouts are becoming increasingly popular.

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